CrimsonBase is located within Utrecht University's Science Park and is focused on the development of research-enabling software for molecular biology. Our team consists of highly motivated, enthusiastic scientists in the fields of biology, biomedical sciences and computer science, with the help of the minds of hundreds more around the world who continue collaborate with us and provide great ideas.

Our motivation

During our own research, we have experienced the currently available commercial software packages as slow, over-complicated, inefficient and overpriced, while free and low-priced alternatives are badly designed, feature-limited and only run on either Macs or PCs. These problems take valuable resources away from research in both time and money. We see countless ways in which the software tools currently available to researchers can be drastically improved!

Our mission

We aim to develop research-enabling software that strikes the best balance between user-friendliness, functionality and affordability. In short: CrimsonBase will always aim to save you time and money!

Our first product

Aside from the fact that scientists deserve the same good-looking, intuitive software everyone else gets, we are convinced that catalogs are a thing of the past and that the mundane, puzzle-solving tasks involved in cloning can easily be automated. Therefore, we decided to develop an improved DNA analysis, assembly and cloning tool named QuickGene, tackling all the problems we've experienced ourselves and avoiding the mistakes made in currently available software. Working with biologists, computer scientists and software engineers ensures that we deliver only the best in quality, incorporating innovative and intelligent new features as we go.

You can download and try QuickGene for free!

Eric Lammertsma

Eric has studied Biomedical Sciences, Business Management, the Hepatitis C Virus, and optimization of genetic footprinting at Yale and Utrecht Universities. He now makes sure QuickGene does what it's supposed to and keeps the caffeine stocked.

Paul Lammertsma

Paul is a Computer Science graduate student at Utrecht University who thrives on making intelligent, efficient algorithms. He's a multi-threading guru, canvas buffering hot-shot and responsible for making the server do a lot of cool stuff.

Mathijs Lagerberg

Mathijs also studies Computer Science and, where Paul delves into the inner workings of programs, Mathijs makes sure it's intuitive and original. As a computer whisperer, he makes sure that communication is always smooth, so you get our updates, we get your feedback and licenses flow freely.

Menno Thijssen

Menno is an entrepreneur and investor, aiming to help other entrepreneurs develop sustainable companies. At CrimsonBase, he gives the wheel a nudge when needed, occasionally pulls us out of our bubble of science and makes sure everyone isn't just working hard, but having a great time doing it.

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